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Hello, my name is Donald W. Tedrow and I want to welcome and thank you for visiting my photography page. I sincerely hope that you enjoy it. Please consider leaving your comments, suggestions and ideas in the guest log, they are warmly appreciated.

Thank you,

Donald Tedrow


The passion of an outdoor photographer drives us into freezing cold, high temperatures, rain, long hikes, bee stings, tick bites, mud, sand, water, sweat, poison oak horrid smells and long hours of standing and waiting in the midst of all types of environments. We love it. A few photographers earn a living doing these things; most of us seek and want to earn the approval and appreciation of those who see our work, in the same way that a musician or actor receives applause after a performance. Plus it is really fun to capture and share images that would be difficult for many people to see if we did not photograph them. We enjoy sharing our vision and perception of life and the world through photography. Comments and feed back are welcome and appreciated.


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Guestbook for DondelayJones Photography, by Donald W. Tedrow
Dave Church(non-registered)
Hi Don
First time I've visited your website. Very well done. You have a flair for all types of photography.
Valerie Albright(non-registered)
Visited your site again after a few months and I'm amazed.
Joella Jacobson(non-registered)
Passed you on the Cathedral Hills trail tonight heading up to get that beautiful sunset shot.
Great website! Love the Dragon Flies!!
sherry house(non-registered)
Love your photography
Valerie Albright(non-registered)
Thank you for your amazing photographs!
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